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January 14, 2007


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I’m standing here in my cemetery, the shovel in my hand, burying the last memories of us. The dead is almost covered by ground. A sad gray smiley is floating above the grave.

A guy is standing next to me. He’s quiet. He looks around.

I know… it’s a big cemetery. He doesn’t want to be buried here. I understand.

Even for me, it’s hard to tell how many times I’ve died and buried myself and them along with me.

Just somewhere close to here, it’s the previous burial ground. Our graves are made of sand and between us there is a blue beach umbrella just in the middle, not an inch closer to him, not an inch closer to me.

I hear a buzz sound. I turn around. The skeleton rose up from the grave and the smiley turned yellow and happy.

A messenger window appeared on my monitor.

I throw back the skeleton in the grave and turn the smiley off. I’m permanently dead to you too.




January 13, 2007

Strolling around

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A corridor. Dark, dirty green wall, smelling of dampness. Lots of doors.

I walk slowly. Maybe I can find one door opened.

What? Wait…I stop with one paw in the air.

Male sounds. Deep, short and heavy. Sexual and … surprised? Agony or ecstasy?

Curious I approach the door. It’s slightly open. I slip in.

A guy dies in a sea of blood. The knife hits his back. The guy makes the sound. The knife hits again. And again. Promptly the man makes a moan. Pleasure or pain?

The power barometer drops to zero. He’s dead now. 5 lives left.

-Did you see what I just did to him? He never saw it coming, man!!

The guy in front of the monitor leaves the mouse and reaches for a beer.

I quickly hide under a table. Dirty socks, half full jars of rotten food and other unidentified stuff. Strong smell. I sniff each thing thoroughly trying to get all the scents in the air. Nothing to eat.

The door opens with a kick and a fat guy enters.

-Man, I have the latest collection of Deena Danes!

He hold in his hand a disc. Such a small thing, but, with the latest technology, 8 gigas of women at your fingers!

-Well, what do you have here! I didn’t know you were cat lovers, the fat guy exclaims.

-What, we don’t have any cat!

Ops, they saw me. It’s time to leave.

I go for a quick run to the door with a big jump at the end. I hear a noise and the door slams shut.

Just in time. I lick my paws and move on.

To blog or not to blog

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13, a good day to start a blog.

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