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January 15, 2007

Freud & FemaleBug on Femininity

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“I cannot say whether this lead in development has been confirmed by exact observations, but in any case there is no question that girls cannot be described as intellectually backward.

…The wish to get the longed-for penis eventually in spite of everything may contribute to the motives that drive a mature women to analysis, and what she may reasonably expect from analysis — a capacity, for instance, to carry on an intellectual profession — may often be recognized as a sublimated modification of this repressed wish.

…The effect of penis-envy has a share, further, in the physical vanity of women, since they are bound to value their charms more highly as a late compensation for their original sexual inferiority.[3] Shame, which is considered to be a feminine characteristic par excellence but is far more a matter of convention than might be supposed, has as its purpose, we believe, concealment of genital deficiency. We are not forgetting that at a later time shame takes on other functions.

It seems that women have made few contributions to the discoveries and inventions in the history of civilization; there is, however, one technique which they may have invented — that of plaiting and weaving

…The fact that women must be regarded as having little sense of justice is no doubt related to the predominance of envy in their mental life; for the demand for justice is a modification of envy and lays down the condition subject to which one can put envy aside. We also regard women as weaker in their social interests and has having less capacity for sublimating their instincts than men. “

So, if I was to believe the great man, I was born, somehow, intelligent. Then I discovered I don’t have a penis and that plunged my life in a see of shame and envy. It’s good though that it had driven me to pursue knowledge. But still I will never be able to compensate for my genital deficiency (sic).

The entire article is based on the early discovery of the little girl of the penis, the sight of it making her realize her inferiority and live a life of perpetual envy, shame, … (here all the frustrated men can add attributes).

I cannot say about other women, maybe I can try, with my lithe mind, to say something about myself. I never saw a penis until adolescence. By then I was already interested in mathematics, music and had read lots of books.

Now that I know The Penis, I still fail to realize my inferiority.

Genital deficiency, how come? Because The Man has a thing hanging there? But, wait, I have 2 and so much more impressive…

What about the fact that over the centuries women were not allowed to learn?

What about the fact that she was born intelligent but never allowed to fulfill her possibilities, raising her in the view that she is by default inferior? How wouldn’t she grow to fill these shoes?

What about domination by force?

Once a valuable attribute, the power of fists is no longer “respected” as it used to be.

So sad…

I wonder what kind of man Freud would have been nowadays and how many people study his views on femininity and agree with him…


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