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February 7, 2007

Eternal embrace

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Eternal embrace

Two skeletons were found in eternal embrace.
It appears they have been hugging each other for the last 5000 years.

Everybody is moved to tears imagining eternal love…

What about other possibilities? Maybe they were enemies trying to kill each other or maybe they were just freezing out and tried to warm them selves.

I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice to have a Romeo and Juliet here.

And you might say that as long we cannot know the truth, what’s wrong in imagining a beautiful story?

Just that human nature is such that sometimes it looks upon the past with pink feelings, disregarding facts that don’t look good in a pink shade.

One little example: the medieval times. You saw all that romantic movies with kings and queens and all the clean, beautiful cloths etc. What they don’t show it’s that these people only took a bath once a year (the most open-minded of them all). They really believed the water is bad for you.

This doesn’t mean they were less human than you and me, just they didn’t smell of roses like they are portrayed to.

What if the people were shown this side of story, how the scenario will be?

Imagine a gentleman calling for his Juliet in the middle of the night. While he is reciting the most romantic poem, you can see his teeth are almost gone and can fell his breath killing the rose he gently holds in his hand.

Impressed by his gesture and worried the night will be short and they will not have time to catch the witch hunt advertised for midnight, Juliet
throws her self in his arms. A close-up shows her hair in slow motion waiving in the air and a whole family of lice flying, flying away.

Bad luck and a thunder strucks them, a quack opens the ground and they are joined in an eternal embrace just to be discovered 1 billion years later by 1 little green alien that will extrapolate, with a myriad of instruments at hand, that love is eternal .

A space movie will be made and one green Juliet will kiss a green Romeo under a beautiful red sun and audience will be moved to tears.


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