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January 14, 2007

American people are stupid

Filed under: Politics — femalebug @ 9:02 pm

I can’t believe this video!


Yes, there’s always been a myth about America being the stupidest country in the world

But still, that stupid?!

The religion of Israel is muslim, a mosque is an animal, people have one kidney, they were 3 World Wars…

They know nothing about the world but this doesn’t prohibit them in supporting a war to some country or another, doesn’t matter if it exists or not, if they never heard about it as long as Bush says so.

Some people could argue that these people were selected on purpose, but if they are not representing the majority, then how Bush was elected?

Illiterate, they think the US is the world’s best democracy, country, whatever. They are so full of themselves and fail to realize that their power was build on foreign imported intelligence and on the wars they started and supported.

Best democracy money can buy, indeed!



  1. Who is the president of Mozambique? of Sri Lanka? (sim pop to Aus)
    What is a Jamija?
    What is the last French Overseas protectorate? Where is it located?
    How many stomachs does a cow have?
    What is Nagorno-Karabakh? What is it famous for?
    Where is …..?
    Why did the comedians use a falsified map?
    Obviously engineered.

    “Some people could argue that these people were selected on purpose, but if they are not representing the majority, then how Bush was elected?” = circular logic hence illogical

    Everyone in the room eats chinese food and since they (everyone in the representrative sample) do it must mean that everyone (everywhere) eats Chinese food?

    I’ll put my brain against yours anyday. Geography, History, Economics, International Relations……you can have art and anatomy to which I have little trivia-based interest.

    Comment by CS — January 14, 2007 @ 9:49 pm

  2. I don’t know the answers to most of your questions. I’m just saying that where I come from, notions like how many world wars were, how many kidneys a person has etc, are elementary. You don’t need to be “smart”/cultivate to know that.

    And about Bush, I cannot possibly demonstrate a relation between this video and his election, but it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    Comment by femalebug — January 14, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

  3. Man, those people were STUPID!
    Doesn’t necessarily mean that all Americans are stupid, but it makes you wonder.
    And this… “Why did the comedians use a falsified map? Obviously engineered.” How stupid do you have to be to think that FRANCE is located in Australia’s place on the map? Just to mention one mistake.

    Comment by denisuca — February 7, 2007 @ 7:07 pm

  4. Femalebug, it makes me wonder why you are trying so hard to make a correlation between anything and Bush, even just in passing. Are you really that angry at the American public that you need to find a scapegoat, and you use the most convenient one available? Some people might argue that saying Bush is responsible for something like a general lapse in public knowledge (even if you did try to downplay it by saying the everpopular “but it makes you wonder..”) would qualify you as being less intelligent than those people who don’t know how many kidneys people have.

    After all, what is worse, ignorance or illogical accusations? Not knowing the answer genuinely, or forcing an incorrect answer for your agenda?

    Comment by Nicodemus — February 22, 2007 @ 9:31 pm

  5. Okay , I definitely didn’t watch the video because I have a slow net.
    But I noticed something , Most of the American people just want to “Live” , without giving any care , without using their heads … no plans , no ambitions .
    I think everyone knows that America is known to be the Best country in the world from Economic side , and Technological side , these people are not stupid , they do not want to be anything.
    It really pisses me off , when I am chatting with an American , and he is talking as if he is perfect only when we are speaking about useless , time wasting things , and when it comes up to Politics , Science , Any thing which ends with “Ology” except “time wastingology” they reply only with Yes, Hmmmm , Change the subject , wtf man ur crazy , Even in real life , if i Met a Smart american , No ambitions at all , Only the Smart Americans who rise up are not 100% Americans , For example , Obama , That guy is barely american , he is now the President of the US , Americans don’t use that weight in their head.. No ambitions , nothing at all.

    The ultimate proof that they are stupid is that they still differentiate between a White , and a Black person , Between an Arab , Asian and a European.

    There is still A lot I want to type , but unfortunately I have to go to sleep.

    – XDE

    Comment by XDE — November 19, 2008 @ 11:29 pm

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